Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Night Shade Volume I: The Joys of Editing.

Here at LBPH we are excited to be nearing the end of the first edits of the selected Night Shade (Vol I) stories. It's not that we don't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stories that are to be included, but editing is a long and eye-aching task and we are now all really excited about returning the stories to their owners, which will be happening in the next two to three weeks.

However, editing is not all bad, in fact there are some really lovely things about editing an author's work. It allows you to really study and understand how a writer works and how a story comes to be. When you edit an anthology this process is highlighted. it's amazing how each writer approaches writing so differently - as well as each having their own particular idiosyncratic naughty habits LOL!

'Dark Heart' will be appropriately be published in e-Book and paperback
in October, just in time to give you those Halloween creeps. Keep in touch so you don't miss your copy.

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