Wednesday 9 January 2013

Introducing you to ... Bethany Rockey & Marya Heiman

This is the third of our seven posts introducing you to the authors whose stories will be published in the very first volume of 'Dark Heart'. Today it is our great pleasure to introduce you to the talented writing duo ...

Bethany Rockey & Marya Heiman
Authors of the short story 'Nightmare'

Imagine not being able to sleep without fear you might never wake; when the very closing of your eyes, opens the door to a dark and spreading shadow. Sometimes, shadows have teeth ... and they bite. 

In this tale of insidious horror, Bethany and Marya take the reader on a journey to the deepest part of the imagination and what is found there will keep even the bravest soul awake. 

Bethany and Marya have been friends and writing buddies for many years.  Their shared love of the written word brought them together and from the very start it seemed as if they had been friends since birth. Both Bethany and Marya currently fit their writing around full time jobs. Bethany is a software engineer and Mayra is a full time mummy to two wonderful boys as well as a book cover designer for Strong Image Editing.
As you read this, they are busy working away at the first book of their series, 'Bloodbound' which is due for release later in the year.


  1. Thank you for stopping by Nightmarchers Book. It's a fantastic little story, sure to make you check under your bed before going to sleep at night :)