Saturday, 26 January 2013

Introducing you to ... Tammy Basic

In our final post introducing you to our fabulous 'Dark Heart' authors, it is our great pleasure to introduce you to Tammy. Tammy's contribution to the anthology is 'Wicked Games', a story of betrayal and love, of healing old wounds ... oh, and kicking some proverbial ass.

 As you know if you have read our previous posts about the anthology, we were lucky enough to receive over sixty submissions for the anthology, and each one of them strong in their own way. We chose the seven stories that we felt offered the broadest range of styles and reader experience. As Little Bird Publishing is all about breaking the traditional mode of publishing, we read each submission and sorted it into the various piles before reading the bio's and publishing history of the author. We did this because we believe in storytelling rather than market forces. So imagine our delighted surprise when we discovered that one of the works we had selected for the anthology was written by a sixteen year old, fledgling author. The vivid imagination of Tammy's work hit us immediately, as did her authentic voice.

 Wicked Games What would you do if you discovered your father wasn't the man you'd always thought he was? How would you handle the ultimate betrayal? These are the questions that Fae hunter, Ellie has to face. But she isn't alone. When Will enters Ellie's life in a rather startling manner, she finds the most unlikely ally.


Tamara Bašić lives in Zagreb, Croatia, where she spends her free time writing, reading, and speaking of herself in third person. Being sixteen, most of her time goes on schoolwork, but whenever she can, she gets her pen and notebook and scribbles tales of good versus evil, often writing during recess in class.
She is curretnly working on more projects than she can count on one hand, all involving adventure, hot boys and plenty of kisses.
You can find her rambling about her characters, stories, and staying up all night for the earlier mentioned, on twitter: @tamsbookramble and Facebook:

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