Thursday, 24 January 2013

We're print ready!

So we are ready for printing! The LBPH office is literally whooping with delight. We are so proud of Volume One of 'Dark Heart' and are so excited about sharing such fantastic stories and writers with you. Putting together and anthology seems easy in principle (we certainly thought it was going to be) but we didn't quite bank on the hefty weight of responsibility you feel as an editorial team towards other writers' works. We genuinely love every single one of the stories included, and working on the stories so closely and sharing edits and ideas with our phenomenal authors has been an incredibly interesting and valued journey. 

The paperback will be available on, and will also be available on order through other high street bookstores in the U.K for $11.99 / £7.99. 

The e-book will be available as an Amazon exclusive until August the 1st when it will be available for KOBO, Nook and other e-readers. It will run on various promotions and giveaways but will be officially priced at $2.99. 

Dark Heart Volume One is not intended to be profit making publication, but any profits that are made after production and distribution costs will be going to the charity Young Minds; a charity that works on raising the profile of Young Adult mental health issues; an issue very dear to many authors of YA. 

We'll keep you updated about our promotions and post you links to the book. We still have review PDF copies available for any bloggers who would like to support Dark Heart and they should contact Kitty at  

Katie x

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