Sunday, 20 January 2013

Introducing you to ... Laurie Lyons

In our sixth post introducing you to our 'Dark Heart' authors, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Laurie Lyons, author of the YA novel 'Feather'.

We are thrilled to be including her short story, 'The Heart Tree' in volume one of 'Dark Heart'. 'The Heart Tree' is a bewitching tale of transformation and discovery.

"To make matters worse, the tree had come with no paperwork, no orderly tag to add to her binder of organized tags. She had no idea when it would bloom or why or how. She didn’t know if it produced fruit or when the best, most logical time to prune it would be. It had come only with a card. A maddening, simple, useless card that read:  HEART TREE - USE WITH CAUTION. Foolishness.  Rose had never heard of a Heart Tree. When she questioned the rude delivery boy, he assured her that this was the right card for this tree and told her to simply follow the instructions.

            Instructions her foot!"

About ...

Laurie Lyons lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada with her husband trevor and their two clever children. She loves writing, reading and spending time with her friends. She has a love of plants and is never happier than when she is in her greenhouse, tending plants and thinking up new stories. Her first novel, 'Feather', published by Ring of Fire Publishing, is available on Amazon.

Feather ...

Lucy is a bright eyed, fiery redhead with a quick with and a photographic memory. On the night of the spring equinox, Lucy meets Nathaniel, a dark and mysterious man who at first appears to have amnesia. Lucy feels inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel and is amazed to discover that he is invisible to everyone but herself.
Fearing she is going insane,  or worse, losing her photographic memory, Lucy goes on a hunt for answers. What she learns turns her world upside down. 
Feather is a tale of love, the power of memories, and the struggle between right and wrong. How far would you go to save your true love's soul? and

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