Sunday, 13 January 2013

Introducing you to ... Katie M. John

In the fourth of our 'Introducing you to...' posts, Little Bird Publishing is delighted to introduce you to Katie M. John, author of the Amazon. no 1. bestselling Fairy Tale series, 'The Knight Trilogy' and the YA Gothic paranormal detective novel, 'Beautiful Freaks.'

Katie's contribution to the 'Dark Heart' anthology is a short story called, 'Song of The Moth', a dark fairy tale set in Edwardian London. A tale of goblins, insanity and sacrifice, 'Song of The Moth' is a powerful evocation of Gothic London.

As Francis' mother desperately tries to secure her eldest daughter's hand to the lascivious and wealthy, 'Call me Teddy', Francis discovers that the heart isn't quite so easily traded. It is whilst on a visit to London's St. Paul's Cathedral that Francis catches a glimpse of a world that belongs to the insane, and plunges her into a nightmare. In this insidious, creepy little tale, Francis finds herself cursed and on the brink of of losing herself to a wicked and devious prince who has a very unhealthy appetite for the human heart.

"High in the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, a boy crouches. He is ordinary in every definable way, extraordinary in every other. Even from first glance there is something unsettling about him. And when you meet the bottomless pools of his green eyes, you shrink back into your soul and desperately search for a key that might lock out the monster in front of you. It is a sliding ugliness, the kind that only shows itself in certain lights. On the surface he is the most exquisite boy you have ever seen – so beautiful that you know immediately he is cursed.  Such beauty never comes without a price." 

About ...

Katie lives in the London suburbs.  Her time is divided between writing, teaching English to teenagers and being mummy to two daughters. She started writing seriously after the birth of her first daughter five years ago. She has gone on to have four of her YA novels published and numerous short horror and fantasy stories published by several press houses, including collections by Nexus Press and Winter Goose publishing.

She is a founding member of Little Bird Publishing House and is passionately committed to raising the profile and mass-acceptability of indie authors. 

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