Friday, 4 January 2013

Introducing you to .... Jess Zeidler

Our second post introducing you to our Dark Heart Authors. 

Jess Zeidler
Author of Rumplestiltskin, a dark reworking of a classic fairytale.

In this imaginative and highly descriptive re-working of the classic fairy tale, Rumplestiltskin, Jess really gets beneath the skin of the 'horrid' little man and deep into his heart, showing us that redemption is open to even the worst of us.

            "Cutting into the stomach was more difficult than Rumpelstiltskin could have imagined. Through layers of matted fur, thick skin and spongy fat, Rumpelstiltskin sliced. Every now and then, he would stop to vomit. Then he heard a noise outside. Someone was approaching the cottage."

A Philadelphia native, Jessica Zeidler has been writing stories since she was strong enough to hold a pencil. Writing is what makes her life complete, which is a good thing since the rest of the time is usually spent talking to the characters in her head and staring at the rain. Currently, she lives just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where her books never collect dust. When she's not in front of her computer screen, she's reading, acting and eating cereal with a tablespoon because it makes her feel like a giant. She is at the beginning of her author journey but with short works like "Fair Trade" and "Rumplestiltskin" recently being published, it is clear that she is an emerging talent. 

Published Works: 
Short story "Fair Trade" in Limelight: A Golden Light Anthology. Chamberton Publishing 

If you can't wait to read 'Rumplestiltskin' then check out her story 'Fair Trade' in Chemberton's anthology, Limelight: A Golden Anthology, available at and Barnes  & Noble.

You can catch up personally with Jess on her Facebook page at:


  1. Loved Fair Trade!! Can't wait to buy this book!!

  2. Thank you. It's been a total joy to work with such great stories and hopefully you'll find some new writers to enjoy. We'll keep you posted.