Friday, 18 October 2013

Introducing you to.... Edward Drake

It is our great delight to introduce you to the first of our posts introducing you to the contributors of Night Shade (Volume I). Today's post is all about Edward Drake; Author of 'The Warrior's Journey and The Stormheart Chronicles, he is also the author of the short story 'A Beaten and Haunted Heart' which will showcase in this anthology. 

About 'A Beaten and Haunted Heart.'
Drake's story is a classic old-school haunting story with a nicely gruesome twist. Set in The Tower of London, 'A Beaten and Haunted Heart' takes the reader on a thrilling mini historical adventure, whilst introducing us to some beautifully developed twenty-first century characters. 

     Edward Drake writes in the fantasy, horror and Sci-Fi genre. He has written several full length novels and many short stories.

Drake's, 'The Warrior’s Journey' series is an epic fantasy set in a mystical dark age, where monsters roam the plains, mages wield powerful sorcery, and arguments are settled by the honour of the blade.
"From start to finish, I was hooked" (Goodreads Review)

      His  series, 'The Stormheart Chronicles', chart the story of Marek Rhihart, a young warrior with a burning ambition for conquest. His actions of bravery, and his skill with a blade preceded him, making him known as The Stormheart. As his adventures go on, both him and the reader learn more about the force inside that keeps him alive against all of the odds. Leaving a river of blood in his wake, he begins to wonder if his abilities are a curse rather than a blessing. 

About Edward Drake:

He is an avid reader and keen runner and cyclist, always pushing to improve with a dozen projects on the go and a mind for adventure.
Having moved to London to continue a management career in the NHS, Edward returned to a story he’d written several years previously during his studies. Rewriting the tale almost from scratch, Destiny was created as the first book in the fantasy series The Warrior’s Journey. Shortly after, Darkness, the second book in the series, was written and the rest of the four book series fully planned. At present he is currently writing the third book, HopeThe Warrior’s Journey series is to be published by Anarchy Books in 2013.
Additionally he had a short story, The Cost of Glory, published in a collection Day of Demons, published by Anarchon Press. This is to be expanded into its own collections, Stormheart: Legend and Stormheart: Myth,  published by Anachron Press in spring 2013.
He now lives in Norwich, England and continues to write.
You can read more about Edward at and

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