Saturday, 12 October 2013

Countdown to Night Shade Volume One

The crew here at LBPH are getting squeal-y excited about the forthcoming publication of 'Night Shade' Volume One. After months of submissions, editing and production, we are almost ready to hit the e-Book publish button and not far off holding the first print copy in our muddy little paws.

We have timed the release of Night Shade to coincide with the international blog extravaganza that is 'Coffin Hop' and we are honoured to announce the inclusion of poetry from two big names in the Coffin Hop community. Axel Howerton, father of the Coffin Hop event, and best selling author of Hot Sinatra, and Red Tash, best selling author of alternative horror novel Troll or Derby have kindly offered  some of their powerful horror poetry towards the anthology contents. For this we bow lowly and sweep our top hats at our kind horror homies.

As well as this awesome duo, we are finally pleased to announce the official line up for Volume One of Night Shade, and it is as follows;

A Beaten And Haunted Heart by Edward Drake

On a Pale Bus by Red Tash

The Haunting of Heartmoore House by Katie M. John

Weightless by Jayd Green

Ghosts by Axel Howerton

The Gatherers by Laurie Lyons

Sound Of The Night by Katie M. John

Dark Saviour by Petra Pavlikova

Cold Sunrise by Axel Howerton

One Is In, The Other Is Out by Sergio Palumbo

A Fairytale Ending by Katarina Emgård

Over the next couple of weeks we shall be hosting each of our contributing authors on here for an interview and spotlight on their other work. 

The anthology will be available on and from 25th of October in e-Book format for just $0.99c and in paperback from November 1st for $10.99.

As with our sister anthology 'Dark Heart', it isn't really about profit, (we'd give it away if Amazon would let us) It's about connecting readers with new, exciting authors and sharing stories. Any meagre profits we do make will be going to a charity of the authors' choice. So as well as being a totally awesome way of discovering new authors, it's also doing a little bit of good in the world. 

Be sure to stop by regularly for more information about the release of 'Night Shade' and also more about the awesomeness that is Coffin Hop. 

Wishing you love and safe scares, 
The LBPH Team x

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