Sunday, 20 October 2013

Introducing you to ... Jayd Green

In our second post introducing you to our Night Shade Volume 1 authors, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the very talented Jayd Green. 

Jayd Green lives in the small town of Lowestoft, where she is currently studying her A-Levels. Her writing hobby began in a long, boring summer four years ago, and the urge to write never faded. She is a writer and reader of YA fiction, loving horror, supernatural and fantasy books. You can follow her on twitter at @jayd_amber and join her in NaNoWriMo under the same username.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Jayd Amber Green, seventeen, currently studying my A-Levels and hoping to go on to do Literature and/or creative writing in Uni. I enjoy music, books (obviously), NaNoWriMo and horror films (the scarier, the better!).  

When did you start writing ‘seriously’?
Not until the beginning of this year. I’ve been writing on and off for four years now, but this year I decided I’m going to take it seriously, rather than just scribble hundreds of first chapters into an old notebook. I also decided that I would try my best to enter writing competitions and send in submissions.

What is the favourite thing you have ever written? Tell us a little about it.
Most likely my story Weightless, which is my entry into the anthology. It tells the tale of a girl who dies, and becomes a ghost, left to wonder about her old life, and what will happen to her next.

Tell us a little about your book / series?
I’m currently planning/writing  a novel titled ‘Original Sin’. It is set in a highly controlled complex, where children and teens work all day and have no concept of an outside world. Anya however, doesn’t fit in. She fails test after test, has little desire to do any of the jobs assigned to her, and frequently dreams of a world only heard about in stories. Elysia, her friend, would do anything to keep the peace in her home. Elysia ignores the rumors that she hears about what the Leaders do to control residents, but when Anya discovers a door to the outside world, it becomes harder to control Anya’s whimsical and rebellious nature…

Who is your inspiration?
I don’t have any particular people that inspire me, but there’s a strange feeling of admiration I get when I see an author that’s written a lot of books – especially Stephen King and Terry Pratchet. Seeing shelves filled with their books in Waterstones really shows their dedication, and it makes me think that one day that could be me.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?
I would love to be a published author, and I would love to travel also.

What would be your advise to aspiring writers?
For a long time my biggest problem was finishing any stories that I’d written. Don’t focus on getting it right the first time – finish the story first, then go back and edit. Most importantly, be committed and stick at it!

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