Monday, 8 September 2014

Introducing you to ... Katie M John

Little Bird is pleased to introduce you to Katie M John, contributor and editor to the Dark Heart & Night Shade project. As a fierce believer in the indie print movement, and advocate of the indie author community, Katie was our natural choice to head up the Dark Heart & Night Shade project; one which promotes the idea of collaboration and community in order to bring new readers and authors together. 

Katie is a UK best selling independent author of 'The Knight Trilogy' and is about to undertake her fifth novel publication this autumn. 

Her contribution to Dark Heart Volume 2 is an extract from her novel, 'Beautiful Freaks', a stand alone novel which she describes as a Gothic Detective Fairytale. The novel is comprised of integrated vignette fairytales woven into a larger tale of grisly, and sometimes quite beautiful, Paranormal Murders that rip through London in the year 1901. The dark fairy tale chosen to feature in Dark Heart Volume 2 is 'Seraphina', a feminist tale of revenge and retribution, blending mythology from China and Western Christian symbolism. It is a tale of empowerment and strength, but it also questions the moral cost of such values. 

Katie has long been fascinated by the idea of fairy tales and how they have been used to explore the darker nature of mankind - acting as both warning and inspiration throughout the ages. 

Katie started writing seriously when she was on maternity leave with her first daughter, Rossetti, six years ago. She has written six novels during this time and had several of her short story works published in publications in both the UK and the USA. She began her published career by writing the YA Paranormal series, The Knight Trilogy, a modern reworking of Arthurian legend set in  a contemporary Cornish college. The series was critically well received and became a number one best selling fairy tale series on Amazon in both the UK and USA. 

She then went on to write more contemporary YA works and a series of adult horror stories. Horror is where her true heart lies. 

After giving up her thirteen year profession as a secondary school level English Teacher this summer, Katie is dedicating more time to writing, and is looking forward to writing much darker works in the future, as well as completing all seven books of the Meadowsweet Chronicles, Book one of which comes out this autumn. 

You can find out more about Katie and her works at her website and you can catch up with her on Twitter on the handle @KnightTrilogy

Her Amazon page can be found by CLICKING HERE

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